About the author and the site

This site is run by Edwin Steele.


You can reach me at edwin@wordspeak.org.

Behind the keyboard

I live in Sydney, Australia, and am happily married with three children. I’m a follower of Jesus and am a part of ImagineNations Church in western Sydney. My day job is in IT but I also love writing software in Python in my spare time.

On the desktop

  • I run MacOS on the desktop and OpenBSD on servers
  • My current photos are taken with convenient Apple devices. My older photos were taken on a more traditional format camera, a 3.2mp Canon Ixus IIs, 10mp Panasonic DMC-TZ15 or film Nikon FM2
  • I write text and code in Vim and process photos in Apple Photos
  • I store my source code on Github

On the server


The icons on this site are used under licence, and were obtained via the fantastic Fontello:


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